The future of the Internet – How we can get control back from the giants

I am so happy that NEC Platforms displayed the prototype of the first home router / server yesterday at ET & IoT Technology 2018, Yokohama, Japan. This is something new for most of you so that I need to explain about the product.

NEC-P Waffle Cell

It is a home router but it is also a server that you can host your own apps / services like Nextcloud. It is versatile, and you can easily install other services like Mattermost, NAS, virtual machines, thin client environment and much much more. With its default operating system, Waffle Cell,  it provides DDNS, router control, and other features that makes you a server expert in a few minutes. 🙂

NEC-P Waffle Cell

It has 8 GB of memory and HDD. It has a HDMI port, but you usually use it headless. Yes, it is like your own cloud server at home / office.

NEC Platforms plan to release this router / server in the first quarter of 2019.

Here’s my presentation at the Nextcloud Conference 2018, Berlin. This explains what we want to do to change the Internet infrastructure.

How I met these guys in Berlin – 2018

This blog entry is in English or Engrish.

In the early July, 2018, I found out that the Nextcloud Conference would be held in Berlin from August 23 to 30, 2018. A few minutes later, I had already written an email to the Nextcloud GmbH CEO, Mr. Frank Kerlitschek, asking if the community would accept me attending the conference. I was so excited by his reply, and I immediately reserved air tickets to Berlin via Helsinki.

Beforehand I would like to write about the background. I have been working on the Waffle Cell project. Waffle Cell is a server operating system which is meant to be an OS for distributed network and personal. It is easy to use, even a girl/boy next door can set up a sever for her/his own. The killer app is Nextcloud, but you can easily deploy apps like Mattermost, VM, virtual desktop, NAS, VPN gateway, groupware, and much more.

The new version of the OS was about to be release in June, 2018, and we were preparing an event for Waffle Cell v2. Since Nextcloud is the killer app, I emailed Frank asking a comment for our new product. I was fortunate that he wrote me back, and kindly accepting to give us a comment for the Waffle Cell event. His email made me want to visit Frank in Stuttgart and talk about the future of the network as well as the Internet privacy. Thus I visited him a few weeks later.

Stuttgart May,2018

I had two hour meeting with Frank. I informed him that NEC Platforms, a computer manufacture, was going to introduce a router/server device to the Japanese market by Feburary, 2019, and Waffle Cell would be pre-installed. We also discussed how we could get back control from the giants. If you knew me, you would imagine what our talk was like. 🙂 It was full of passion, of course.

Anyway, it was fun.

A few weeks after I returned to Tokyo, Frank emailed me, and informed me that he was visiting me in Tokyo in June, and would talk on Nextcloud at the Waffle Cell v2 event! Wow! His visit was great for both of us. Frank met the major players in the router/server project at NEC Platforms, and I believe he realized that the truly distributed network would be soon in our hands, and the infrastructure would be more secure, safer, more privacy friendly, and more efficient.

Frank at the Waffle Cell v2 event, Tokyo 2018

So, I wanted to meet not only Frank again, but also the Nextcloud contributors at the conference. It is very important to meet and talk in person and exchange different ideas and stimulate each other. We live in the real world. I always love to feel the different atmospheres.

I had great meetings with Frank, Jos, Andreas of Nexxtcloud GmbH, and the contributors from all over the world.

I also met a German guy who lives in San Francisco named Johannes Ernst. He has his own project called UBOS, another OS for distributed network. East meets West, and our crazy projects are in fact quite similar. We both want to place a server at each node of the network. By the way, I later found that Johannes was one of the founders of OpenID. Wow! He and I share a lot in the ideas of the future Internet. We are like identical twins. 🙂 By the way, He flew from California to Berlin via Helsinki, too. West meets East again.

Frank gave me an opportunity to have a talk on my project in front of the Nextcloud contributors at the conference. There, I was so excited to announce that Nextcloud GmbH, NEC Platforms and Waffle Computer/TEGLET were going to cooperate to create a new market together.
Japan to add millions of new nodes to federated Nextcloud network

There were so many things I learned during my six-day stay in Berlin. But most of all, I realized that we developers should meet in person and exchange ideas more frequently. This is the best way to stimulate our creativities.

And, one more thing. I was lucky to attend opera two nights in row. Deutsche Oper had the summer special performance, the Magic Flute. These were the best Magic Flute I have ever listened.